CCTV Installation on Light Pole for Retirement Village

CCTV Installation on Light Pole for Retirement Village


What Issue Needed to be Resolved?

A retirement village in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs needed to replace an outdated analogue CCTV system which had failed due its age. The current system is installed on a light pole at the access point to the village. The current system was only 1 Provision Camera, they were looking for more improved coverage, higher resolution cameras, and better night vision.

What Solution was Proposed?

Jim’s Antennas Roxborough Park proposed a 4 camera solution using Uniview bullet cameras with both IR night vision and low light technology. This was combined with an 8 channel NVR to provide capacity for future upgrades. These cameras are also NDAA approved to address the customers concerns around recent reporting in the media relating to Chinese CCTV brands.

What Was the Installation Process?

As the customer was upgrading from analogue to digital CCTV, this required replacing the existing analogue coax cable with 4 new runs of cat 6 data. The franchisee was able to use the existing cable to pull new cables through, but also did replace some conduit in the ground between the pole and the location of the NVR.

What is the Final Outcome?

The customer is extremely happy with the improved coverage and the quality of the image from the new cameras. The updated system has been configured with smart detection to record vehicle and people movements to make review of the stored camera recordings much more efficient. This can be done remotely using the smartphone app (EZview) or locally using the NVR.

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