Protect Your Property from the Beginning: Security Pre-Wiring for Townhouses

Protect Your Property from the Beginning: Security Pre-Wiring for Townhouses


Are you currently building your dream home or are you managing the construction site of
one? If you have answered yes then our next question is, is it protected from potential
vandalism or robbery?

Unfortunately, there has been an increase in theft amongst construction sites and private
properties, due to the unprecedented rise in price for some building materials. The reason is
due to the pandemic causing major delays in shipping and the rise in freight costs.

On Current Affair recently, Braven Group Services’ Director Craig Pages-Oliver, who
provides security for building sites, told them that ‘’we’ve seen a big increase, 60 per cent
increase in the theft of building material.’’

What’s even more shocking is that some fellow tradies are the thieves themselves!
“Especially in a new estate where there’s lots of builds, they’ll just go to another site and take
a door frame or take a lintel or take an extra piece of timber,” Mr Pages-Oliver told A Current

At Jim’s Security our team of licensed experts offer a complete range of security products for
both residential and commercial applications and supply several professional brands such as
Bosch, Dahua and Hikvision. Your security expert will complete a full assessment of your
construction site and will recommend the best products that’s within your budget.

Troy from Jim’s Security Wollert was asked to pre-wire security cables during the framing
stage for 3 townhouses. The townhouses are now alarmed, which will hopefully prevent any
robberies during the competition of the build.

Don’t risk your materials and construction site. Visit our New Home Build Security
Consultation page to learn more or call 131 546 to arrange an onsite quote with your
local Jim’s Security Franchise today.


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