Temperature Check Station

From $2500 with tripod stand*

Jim’s Antennas & Jim’s Security are proud to introduce the Temperature Check Station

From $2,500 with tripod stand*


In partnership with Acsess Health, the latest innovation in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Combining both infra-red radiation and thermal imaging technology this product uses artificial intelligence to deliver you accurate temperature readings within + – 0.3 degrees.

Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology with Thermal Imaging our new Thermal Imaging Temperature Terminal can capture a person’s face temperature even if they are a wearing a face mask. With fast non-contact measurement within 100ms and an accuracy of +- 0.3 degrees our Thermal Imaging Temperature Terminal makes protection simple by detecting elevated body temperatures associated with COVID-19, The Flu and Gastro.

Product Details

  • Durable commercial-grade hardware
  • Binocular wide dynamic optical camera
  • 8.0-inch IPS LCD screen
  • Measurement distance of
  • 50-150cm
  • IP65 rated for protection from dust and water
  • Includes Optional Desktop & Floor Stand Available
  • Can be integrated with access control for additional charge


  • Non Contact Automatic Temperature Measurement
  • Easy Software and Hardware Connections
  • Easy Installation
  • Portable
  • Fast and Precise
  • Durable Commercial-Grade Hardware

Whether you’re a dentist, a café, real estate agent, local shop or anything in between the device can be set up at your entrance to ensure all staff, delivery drivers and clients entering your premises have a normal body temperature


Floor Stand Available for $495 + Shipping
Temperature Check Station Stand