Pet Camera Systems

Pet Camera Systems


All pet owners will agree that our four legged friends are an integral part of the family. But, while we all love our pets, we can worry about leaving them home alone. Are there ever times where you would like to be able to check on your pets whilst you are at work or on holiday? If this scenario sounds all too familiar, it might be time to consider installing pet friendly security cameras to keep an eye on your furry friends.

Considerations when picking the right camera to watch pets at home:


Instant Alerts for pet surveillance

You can set instant alerts to detect both motion and sound. Additional features such as setting up virtual trip wires can also help ensure that your pet does not enter an area of the house it is not meant to be in – and alert you if they do.

Talk to your pets at home

Some pet cameras will not only allow you to watch your pet live while you’re away from home, but also include features which will let you talk to your pet. These devices are perfect for owners who are gone for long periods of time and miss their furry friends or for pets with separation anxiety. Not to mention, those who want to check whether mayhem has ensued in their absence, and attempt to gain control over the situation by scolding the guilty party through the camera’s speaker system.

Indoor / Outdoor pet cameras

For indoor security there are an abundance of DIY systems that will help protect your pet. However, when considering an outdoor CCTV security system (for those who prefer to predominately keep their pets outside), we recommend it be installed by a professional.  This because outdoor systems are often more complex as they involve multiple cameras, and often need to be hardwired (a battery system is not a sustainable option for long-term use). It is also recommended that you look for an outdoor system that includes local recording and app viewing and has a durability IP67 rate for weather.


A pet friendly security system doesn’t have to compromise the aesthetic value of your home. Here, at Jim’s security we have a wide variety of different pet-friendly security system designs to best suit your surroundings.


Other considerations with Pets and Security


Security alarm sensors

If you are not specifically looking for a pet friendly camera system, but still want to protect your home and pets, I have good news for you! PIR (passive infrared) sensors are a great alternative to a camera based security systems, but be sure to choose a device with pet immunity. PIR sensors work by detecting infrared energy from objects (humans, pets, etc.). When equipped with pet immunity PIR sensors are able to measure the size and temperature of moving objects in order to distinguish pets from intruders. Most systems commonly disregard motion caused by animals weighing less than 40 kg.

No more false alarms!

The consequences of repetitive false alarms are…alarming, they include, but are not limited to: expensive fees, noise complaints and a poor emergency response (think back to the boy who cried wolf). Indoor pets and standard alarm systems are a no no. This is because standard motion detectors of PIR sensors are set off by any movement or heat they detect, and thus are unable to distinguish between an intruder or a pet. Pet sensors, on the other hand, are specifically designed to recognise your furry friends.

Keep your pet safe

While you may be able to get around installing a pet-friendly security security system most of the time, by simply leaving your pet outdoors when leaving home, unfortunately you cannot control the elements. What happens to your poor cat or dog on a stinking hot summers day, or a freezing cold winter morning? As a loving parent, of course you’d want to leave your pet in the most comfortable condition, especially to avoid risks such as overheating, dehydration, hypothermia and frostbite – which would likely lead to expensive vet fees. In such cases, a pet-immune alarm system would allow you to keep your fur baby inside in such conditions, without breaking a sweat.


Keeping pets inside without pet friendly security


If you are currently unable to upgrade your indoor security system, and are using either motion detectors or PIR sensors, a quick tip for leaving pets unattended for short periods of time is placing them in a room without detectors or sensors. For example, if your pet is small enough, a bathroom or laundry.


In choosing a pet friendly system, there are a range of considerations to take into account. Here at Jim’s we have a wide-range of pet-friendly cameras to best suit you and you’re pet’s unique needs.

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