Ozzy Tires Security, Screen and Sound System Installation

Ozzy Tires Security, Screen and Sound System Installation


Brett from Jim’s Antennas and Security Mickleham recently completed a large job for Ozzy Tyres in Coolaroo. He installed a complete security system including CCTV cameras and an alarm for the workshop. As well as a PA system, sound system and a giant screen in the front window of the showroom.

For the alarm Brett installed a Bosch Alarm with 5 sensors, as well as reed switches on the doors and a roller door reed switch. For the cameras, he fitted eight 6mp Starlight Cameras around the outside of the building, as well as a few on the  inside of the property.

The trickiest part of this installation was installing the PA & sound system. First Brett installed an Audac system to the workshop staff the ability to connect their music to the speakers via Bluetooth. Through this system, the staff are also able to play different music in the Showroom. Brett also installed the large screen in the showroom window with music playing from the speakers on the outside of the building. A total of eight speakers were installed. 4 in the showroom, 2 in the workshop and 2 outside. For ease of use, the entire sound system is controlled by the Audac pre-amp and power amp system.

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