LTS Optical Zoom PTZ CCTV Installation

LTS Optical Zoom PTZ CCTV Installation


Joshua from Jim’s Security & Antennas Nowra recently collaborated with a local electrician to install a NBN Fixed Wireless service and a Dome PTZ camera for a client.

During this installation, Josh’s customer requested that he update their old analogue system with a modern IP camera that could be accessed remotely. To meet his client’s requirements Josh installed a LTS 4MP Infrared Speed Dome on the roof of the home to provide a 360 degree view of the entire property.

This was no easy job, as the home’s roof pitch was over 40 degrees, making it a very steep climb. Not to mention, this home was also three storeys high and Josh was completing the install on a sunny 30 degree day!

To get up safely Josh had to set up all of his roof climbing equipment and used a back pack to carry the new camera system during the climb to avoid potentially damaging it. He also made sure to put on a pair of sturdy gloves.

Once on the roof pitch, he shimmied along about three meters to reach a large square steel pole, which had been mounted into the roof. Attached to the pole there was an existing analogue PTZ camera, which he carefully removed and replaced with the new CCTV camera.

Thanks to Josh’s hard work his client can now easily monitor their property whether at home, work or away on holiday using their smart phone and can also finally enjoy strong and speedy internet.

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