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While the lock and key might have been the best bet for home security in decades past, it’s quickly fading from favor. Everyone has had that moment when keys were hard to find, or worse, they got lost permanently, leaving you in a struggle to gain access to your property, usually in a downpour or when you are late for a meeting. New locks or replacement keys are not only expensive, they are also time-consuming.

While inconvenient, keys are also not as flexible as our busy lives need them to be. In many cases, a lock-and-key does not provide enough ability for your family, employees, guests, or work staff to get in and out when there is no one on-site. Placing a key in the letterbox is just not a viable or secure option anymore.

Replace that battery doorbell with a professional-grade video intercom system installed by Jim’s Security. Hardwired and easy-to-use, you will love the ease of the system’s internal touchscreen, giving you video feed and access to locks from any room in your home or remote access from your smartphone app. Got a delivery while you are at work? No problem! Check the driver at the door and allow them entry to place your goods inside, rest assured knowing that your item is secure and your driver is now on to their next job. The change is easy and affordable with set priced packages giving you everything you need to get started.
Packages include the HD camera, door control, motion detection, and a stainless steel casing for long life and durability.

For added efficiency, you can choose to stream your intercom feed through your IP CCTV for continuous recording and review.

Keyless entry and remotely controlled door locks allow you to electronically control who can pass through an entrance, ensuring the safety of the people, valuables, and property inside.
The user-friendly remote intercom makes it simple and easy to view arrivals, screen and grant entry to those who need it, either from the security of your home or via the smartphone app when out and about.

Access control systems are a perfect fit for modern families and offices in Ballarat. Commercial buildings often hold valuables and data which requires delicate protection, even in rooms where staff can come and go to get other items. Access control gives you the ability to see who is coming and going and control entry and re-entry times.

Homes and businesses that already have analog intercom setups can quickly and smoothly make the upgrade to IP-digital features using the existing intercom wiring.

Talk to your Ballarat Jim’s Security team member about how you can utilize access control for the best security benefits for your home or business.

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