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Perth is well-known for being one of the most isolated major cities in the world as it is completely surrounded by the Indian Ocean on one side, and the Australian outback on the other. However, in this city nature and urban life are able to co-exist in harmony.

Over the years, coastal suburbs lined with pristine sandy beaches and an inviting vibrant, arty metropolis has hooked a number of new “Sand-Gropers” or locals. And year by year the number of visitors flocking to experience Perth’s natural wonders and bustling city also seems to increase.

However, as Perth’s population continues to grow, unfortunately so do this city’s crime rates. Following the Northern Territory (5%), Western Australia has the highest percentage of break-ins (4.3%)  in relation to their population.

It is understandable that Perth’s calm, quiet and welcoming appearance could easily lull you into a false sense of security. Neighbours know neighbours, there is to a strong sense of community and the people are welcoming and friendly.

However, sadly, gone are the days of leaving the doors unlocked and the windows open. As the importance of home security increases around the country, and the world, simply relying on a neighbour, friend or family member to watch your home while you pop out to the shops or escape for the weekend, as your only means of security, is almost an invitation to potential thieves or intruders.

It is important to be prepared and safeguard your home and family both while enjoying your home and away from it.

Here at Jim’s Security we provide you with local experts you can trust to provide solutions for all of your home or business needs. Our professional installers Colin and Chris make up our Perth Jim’s Security team, and work very closely with the Jim’s Antennas team.  After many years in the security and electrical industry both Colin and Chris are proud to be part of the Jim’s group, and hope to ensure your peace of mind through the combination of quality products and their wealth of knowledge and experience.

Whether you’ve got a security concern, are experiencing poor TV reception or perhaps need a Foxtel satellite for your business – they’ll be there for you.

Our service reach includes:       

North of the River | South of the River | Golden Bay Area (Rockingham through to Mandurah)