Jim's Security Western Australia

Western Australia is Australia’s biggest state, well known and loved for its hip and artsy capital city, breath-taking beach side views and spectacular red deserts. Not to mention, the world-class surf, UNESCO World Heritage reef and rock formations and premium wines.  WA’s beautiful shores are not only home to a number of permanent residents, but also holiday-home owners and tourists.

With an influx of people moving in and out of popular beach towns such as Margret River, Bunbury and Jurien Bay, it is more important than ever for local residents and holiday home owners to have adequate home security measures in place. Here at Jim’s Security, we offer competitive prices for quality alarm and CCTV installs and wealth of knowledge and expertise. Making it easy to secure your permanent residence or much-loved holiday home.

Whether living in an area with a high frequency of visitors, or far away in the outback, home security is a must. Unfortunately, nowadays, old-school measures such as neighbour keeping an eye over your home or fake security cameras are redundant and may lead to homes becoming targets for break-ins. As WA’s population has grown, unfortunately so has this state’s crime rates, causing home  security to become increasingly important. Following the Northern Territory (5%), Western Australia has the highest percentage of break-ins (4.3%)  in relation to their population.  If you’re sick of worrying about your home while away on holiday, or while at work, it’s time to feel prepared and protected knowing that your home is safe and secure without you.

Security is also an important consideration for businesses owners. Especially here in WA, where small businesses represent more than 96% of all businesses within the state. At Jim’s Security we offer tailored commercial security solutions to best fit the unique aspects of your business, ensuring that you, your customers and staff all have peace of mind.

Our team are carefully screened and thoroughly trained to ensure that you receive nothing but the finest service and results that last. Our pride is in our work, and every installation is backed with the Jim’s Group guarantee to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.