Jim's Security South Australia

If you live in South Australia the first thing you think of when people mention your state might be fabulous wine, maybe lazy koalas, playful seals, rolling surf, great job security, beautiful homes and the fun of the City of Adelaide. Certainly all these things are iconic details that can be taken in and witnessed daily. Unfortunately, these are not necessarily the first things the rest of Australia, or even the world thinks about South Australia.

South Australia has a lot of past media hype about sociopaths, with some gruesome discoveries that have put the state on the map for all the wrong reasons. Of course the truth is that Adelaide has the same, if not slightly lower, crime risks as other Australian cities. In fact, Sydney has the highest crime rate and other parts of NSW are actually listed as highly dangerous places in Australia, but South Australian can’t seem to shake it’s dark past and even darker label, making the state an easy target for comedians and jokes. Your security and safety is not something Jim’s Security take lightly, nor do we see any truth in the grim characterization South Australia has been painted.

South Australia has such a calm, quiet appearance that it can be all too easy to be lulled into a sense of security. Even though you don’t actually live in the crime capital it is important to protect yourself, and not just for when you are at home. South Australia is well connected to the world with a bustling international airport that not only brings in tourists but also whisks holiday seekers to far off places. Many Adelaide residence hit the coast for the holidays, heading to “the shack” to get some sea breeze and put their feet up.

Sadly nowhere in the world is safe anymore and while Australia is far safer than other countries there are some behaviours you need to keep a watch out for (and no, it’s not a lurking serial killer). The biggest threat in Australian crime is drunken physical violence and general aggression. Even then you are far more likely to experience property damage like graffiti, vandalism and littering than anything. All these issues can be simply and easily solved with security installation from Jim’s.

Be prepared and safeguard your home and family which may mean looking after your holiday house when you are not there to enjoy it or securing your home during the day while you are at work. Your security and privacy is important to us. When you are tucked up at home or off enjoying the surrounds, bar, a cricket match or a football game, you will want to know that your home is safe and secure without you.

All the team members at Jim’s Security are carefully screened and thoroughly trained to make sure you have nothing but the very finest service and results that last. We believe in our ability and customer satisfaction so much that we back every installation with the Jim’s guarantee.

No matter where you are in South Australia, be proud of your beautiful state and incredible lifestyle opportunities that lay at your doorstep. For advice and a free onsite quote be sure to give your local Jim’s Security team a call.