Jim's Security Marion

Meet Daniel – Your Local Security Expert

Daniel has been the proud franchise owner of Jim’s Security Marion since 2022. Born and raised in Adelaide, he has deep roots in the community and is dedicated to providing top-notch security solutions to the residents of South Australia. With a passion for helping people and a commitment to excellence, Daniel is your go-to expert for all your security needs.


About Daniel?

Before venturing into the world of Jim’s Security, Daniel spent 14 years working for the state franchisor at Jim’s Antennas and Security. His extensive experience and knowledge in the industry make him a trusted and reliable choice for safeguarding your home or business.


Why Jim’s Security?

When asked about his motivation for becoming a Jim’s Security franchisee, Daniel shared that the desire to work for himself and have more flexibility to spend time with his family were the driving forces behind his decision. As a devoted family man, Daniel understands the importance of a proper work-life balance and strives to provide personalized security solutions that cater to the unique needs of his clients.

What Sets Daniel Apart?

Daniel takes pride in helping customers find the right security products to suit their needs, whether it’s cameras, alarm systems, or anything related to TVs. His dedication to customer satisfaction sets him apart, making Jim’s Security Marion a trusted name in the industry.

Industry Insights

Daniel emphasises the importance of pre-wiring when building new homes, especially considering the prevalence of two-story houses in the area. Planning for security installations during the construction phase ensures a seamless and effective security system.

Daniel Offers The Following Services

  • TV Mounting
  • Digital TV set top boxes
  • New TV Antennas installations
  • Digital TV Upgrades
  • Extra TV, Telephone and Data Points
  • Plasma/LED/LCD TV Installations
  • Home Theatre Installation and Setup
  • Freeview TV
  • Satellite Systems
  • Starlink Installation
  • CCTV Installation and Servicing
  • Alarm Installation and Servicing