In 2022, Jim’s Antennas and Security helped establish 19 new businesses under our banner, taking our community to 145 Antenna and 24 Securiry franchisees nationwide . We are continuously improving our on-boarding and support strategies for new franchisees to ensure we are putting them all in the best position to succeed. We look forward to working alongside them for years to come and watching their businesses grow.

Jim's Antennas

Jim’s Antennas received over 59,000 customer enquiries in 2022.

Over 14,000 of these went unserviced – either because our franchisees schedules were completely full or we could not provide service in the enquirer’s area.

New skills and services developed this year, like the installation of Starlink, have created new business opportunities for our team, adding to our already wide array of services. We are continuously providing training and upskilling opportunities to our franchisees to ensure when new opportunities do arise – we are ready to go!

Jim's Security

Still considered a relatively new division of the Jim’s Group, Jim’s Security continues to see a huge growth in the number of customer enquiries received and present great opportunities for new businesses.

Jim’s Security received 8,300 enquiries in 2022 – with over 3,800 of these enquiries going unserviced. The number of enquiries to Jim’s Security has grown by over 17% based on the same time last year and we anticipate even further increases in years to come to match the huge growth and demand within the security industry as a whole.