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Integrated Dual Screen IP Intercom and CCTV Installation for family home in North-Eastern Suburbs

Integrated Dual Screen IP Intercom and CCTV Installation for family home in North-Eastern Suburbs

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Michael from Jim’s Antennas and Security South Morang recently completed an integrated IP intercom and CCTV installation for a home in Thornbury. Prior to arriving on site, he worked closely with his client to devise a security system specifically tailored to their home and lifestyle. As a result, 5 Dahua CCTV cameras and a Dahua Dual Screen IP Video Intercom were fitted to ensure that this family home remains safe and secure.

During the planning phase, Michael also suggested that his client integrate their IP intercom and CCTV system, to create a more user-friendly and accessible system. Once connected, the camera on the IP intercom can function as an additional CCTV camera.  Michael enabled this function by connecting the intercom to the CCTV NVR to allow for continuous video recording and access to smart analytics .Once connected to the NVR the intercom screen also provides a platform to review and monitor CCTV footage.

The intercom can be answered by using a touchscreen panel, installed within the home. This allows the client to see and talk to someone at the door without having to open the door, and provides the option to unlock the door from the intercom! And if they’re away from home, the intercom includes a smart phone app which allows for remote 2-way conversation.

When completing this job Michael took extra care (as always) to ensure that all cabling was installed tidily. This not only enhances the appearance of this electronics cabinet, but avoids harm to valuable hardware as over time tangled cables can cause interference, power loss and overheating.

Here at Jim’s Security, we’re always here to lend a helping hand.Give us a call on 131 546, or book a free onsite no obligation quote online.

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