How to Save Dahua Security Camera Footage to USB

How to Save Dahua Security Camera Footage to USB


Saving security footage to a USB is a handy way to not only free up space on your recorder’s internal hard drive, but also to secure your recordings by allowing evidence to be transferred, stored off-site and permanently kept.

The following steps will show guide you through how to save footage to a USB stick:

  1. Login to the recorder, right click and go to Main Menu.
  1. Insert a USB stick into the front USB port on the recorder – 8GB is a sufficient size. A screen will appear confirming the USB has been inserted with some options displayed on it. Close this screen by right clicking the mouse.
  1. Go to the recordings section which is at the top left of the Main Menu, under Video (DVR) or Playback (NVR.)
  2. Here you will have a screen that displays the date of recordings on the top right. Select the DATE you wish to view the recordings, then press the PLAY triangle at the bottom left. The recording will start playing at midnight of the selected date
  1. The recording timeline will display in 24-hour format at the bottom of the screen. From here, click the mouse onto the approximate time you would like to see, eg: 1700.
  1. Now you can adjust the size of the recording timeline as well. Go to the bottom right and select an appropriate zoom size, eg: 1-hour zoom. Now the timeline will display 1700 – 1800 on the timeline at the bottom and you can select more precise times from here.
  1. Using the Fast Forward buttons or by mouse selecting an accurate time on the timeline bar, select the beginning of the footage you would like to see. When you are at the start of the footage you need, click ONCE on the SCISSORS at the bottom right of the screen, you will then see the BACKUP START TIME populate.
  1. Continue playing the footage you require or move forward with the fast forward button or mouse selecting the timeline, until you have the end of the footage you require. Now press the SCISSORS again to populate the BACKUP END TIME.
  1. Now press the SAVE button to the right of this: A Backup screen will appear showing your USB at the top and the selected period of time for backing up in the middle of the screen. If all details are correct, then press BACK UP at the bottom right and the footage will back up to the USB stick.
  1. Once the backup has completed you can then remove the USB stick and insert into a computer or other device for permanent saving or sending via email.


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