How to Reset the IP Module on Bosch Solution 2000/3000

How to Reset the IP Module on Bosch Solution 2000/3000


*DISCLAIMER:  Bosch Security and Jim’s Security do not endorse customer access to the main panel and recommends those experiencing issues with their IP module contact an experienced and trusted technician. Please note that if damage is done to the panel in the process of a non-professional repair this will void the warranty of your product. 

If your Bosch mobile RSC+ application consistently says “Connection Error” it may be due to your modem having restarted or moved to mobile SIM status, and then not picking up the alarm again after reconnecting.

Telstra Smart modems more commonly have this problem. Often the best solution is to enter the modem and switch off the SIM card facility to permanently resolve this issue. Before doing this, try the following solution.

To Reset the Mobile IP Module:

1.Open the alarm box with a Driver drill or Philips head screwdriver.

At this stage the alarm tamper will activate so use the keypad or key fob to deactivate the alarm.

The IP module is a smaller electronic panel that is separate from the main alarm control panel. It will have an internet cable attached to it and a flat power connection consisting of four wires that connects to the main alarm control panel.

These four small wires will be red, yellow, green, and black – they are joined in a flat configuration. This is what supplies the power for the IP module.

                                             4 wired BUS connector

2. To reset and restart the IP module, you need to disconnect the four wired power supply from either the main panel, or from the IP module. Remove the white BUS connector connecter carefully from one of the ends, and then replace it back to the same spot. 

Please note that upon correctly restarting the IP module will briefly flash a blue light which will then disappear, then an orange and green light will remain lit.

Bosch 3000 IP module, circle indicates where the BUS connection should be placed

3. After confirming it has been restarted you can then replace the alarm panel cover. Be careful not to lift the cover again after having pushed it down, as this will set the alarm off again.

4. Restart your mobile application and confirm you are now able to access the app correctly. If not, contact your alarm installer. 

For assistance resetting your Mobile IP Module, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 131 546, or book a quote online


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