How To Protect Your Property for the Holidays

How To Protect Your Property for the Holidays


The end of the year is a time many of us look forward to. Some may be enjoying time out and about – spending time catching up with friends and family. Others hit the road and head away for a well-deserved break. Unfortunately, with all the good things happening during this busy time of year, the festive season can also bring about spike in theft, burglary and property related crime.

Not to fear! Here are some tips you can implement to protect your premises over the holiday period.

Give the appearance that someone is always around.

Take some additional measures to make it appear as though there is always someone present at the property. To avoid letting your letterbox pile up and having your bins left out the front of your house for days at a time, you can always ask a trusted friend or neighbour to stop past to help you out. You may also consider automating lighting in and around your home to give the appearance that you’re inside.

Keep your entry points secure – Don’t forget to lock up windows, sheds & garages!

Seems obvious, but don’t invite a potential thief into your home by leaving your window open. Also, the old ‘key under the mat’ trick isn’t as secure as you may have once thought. Good quality locks on doors and windows make a big difference to securing your premises. If you want to take it a step further, reed switches for doors and windows can be incorporated into an alarm system as a means of securing your perimeter. These essentially work as a magnet, with one side going on the door/window and the other side going on the frame. When your alarm is armed, if the contact between the two sides is broken, it will trip the alarm. Your alarm can do anything from simply sounding an audible siren to sending a push notification to your phone &/or send a signals to your monitoring centre that there is an attempted break in!

Beware of the porch pirate!

These days, many of us do most of our Christmas shopping online. Having valuable packages sitting out the front of your house can prove to tempting for passers by with sticky fingers. What happens at your place when a delivery arrives whilst you’re not home? A video doorbell or intercom system allows you to be notified when there is someone approaching your front door – even if you’re not at home. You can now see who is there and speak with them in real time – from wherever you are! Hard-wired is always best where the site permits – check out Jim’s range of intercom and video doorbell solutions.

Don’t rely on a DIY Security System worth hundreds to protect your possessions worth hundreds of thousands!

D.I.Y Wi-fi cameras have too many potential failures to truly secure your house. Is your internet speed adequate for stable, reliable recording? Do your cameras have enough battery life? Do they store enough footage?

Hard-wired CCTV Systems are the most effective way to keep an eye on your house. New technologies like Active Deterrence CCTV cameras are the ultimate layer of defence to protect your property. They not only provide high quality, reliable video recordings of your property, but they can accurately identify potential risks and effectively warn off intruders. Users can ‘arm’ the active deterrence features of the cameras – much like an alarm system – to trigger strobe lights and sirens that will startle anyone putting their nose where it shouldn’t be!

To ensure you have a happy, safe & secure festive season give us a call on  131 546 or book a free no obligation qoute.

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