How to deter thieves with CCTV

How to deter thieves with CCTV


Add another dimension to your surveillance system with Active Deterrence Cameras

Active deterrence cameras are a type of security camera that, as the name suggests, include features to actively deter and prevent crime before it occurs. They typically include additional security measures like strobe lights, sirens and two-way audio communication. The cameras can detect motion or other triggers to respond with loud warning sounds and flashing lights to deter criminals from approaching the property or committing a crime.

Check out the video below to see the result of the Dahua Tioc 2.0 Active deterrence camera in action.

Active deterrence cameras can be incorporated into any standard surveillance solution and are a cost-effective way to bolster the protection of your property. Speak to your local Jim’s Security Expert today to find out how you can best protect your home or business.

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