How to Correctly Surface Mount Security Cameras

How to Correctly Surface Mount Security Cameras


Installing security cameras underneath the eaves of a house can be a relatively straightforward process, as eaves provide adequate space for cabling. Fixing cameras along the vertical walls of a home is a more complicated process.

In these kinds of installation scenarios, surface mounts are usually required. When eave mounting a camera, the cabling terminations are concealed within the eave cavity, whereas surface mounts utilise the bracket to hide and protect camera terminals. This is especially useful if the wall doesn’t have adequate space for camera cabling or is constructed from a material which is difficult to drill large holes into (i.e Brick as it is susceptible to cracking or crumbling).

In addition to helping prevent any damage to the construction of your home and protecting your camera cable terminals. Surface Mount boxes can prevent the need to run exterior conduit, which is often an eyesore.

When it comes to correctly installing a surface mount, professional installation is highly recommended. Here at Jim’s Security our experienced franchisees will not only assist you in choosing the best position for your cameras, but will also ensure that you are using the correct mount and that your new camera that is installed securely and neatly.

For assistance installing a new CCTV system or for any inquiries about  surface mounting services offered by Jim’s Security don’t hesitate to give us a call on 131 546, or book a free onsite no obligation quote online. 

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