Hikvision CCTV and Alarm Installation for Retail Space

Hikvision CCTV and Alarm Installation for Retail Space


Daniel from Jim’s Security Adelaide recently installed a Hikvision CCTV camera system and alarm for a furniture showroom.

Hikvision’s AcuSense security cameras are perfect for business applications. Using deep learning algorithms these camera systems are able to precisely detect  human and vehicle movement, and recognise the movement of non-human objects such as rain and leaves to prevent often expensive and time consuming false alarms.

Eliminating manual search, AcuSense NVRs also feature “Quick Target Search” which automatically sorts through and identifies footage including humans and vehicles to make finding target footage easier and more efficient.

During this installation, due to the showroom’s high ceilings Daniel placed some of the cameras on a pendant mount to ensure that no obstructions such as the ventilation pipes block the line of sight and adjusted them to achieve the perfect field of view (FoV) to capture the entry point of the space. Other cameras were also fixed directly to the ceiling’s roof beams, to allow for a wider view, while some were fixed to the wall to allow for more close-up footage to be captured.

In commercial installations it especially important to have cameras covering multiple angles. This is to ensure that all key surveillance areas such as exit and entry points or the back of the shop where stock is kept are constantly and effectively monitored. 

During this installation Daniel also recommended and installed a Paradox alarm and fitted motion sensors.

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