Hikvision Access Control Installation with Facial Recognition

Hikvision Access Control Installation with Facial Recognition


Glen and Tim from Jim’s Security Sydney recently installed a Hikvision Touch-free MinMoe Face Recognition Access Control Terminal for an electrical products company in the Greater Western Sydney region.

With the arrival of the facial recognition terminal, staff will no longer face difficulty entering the premises if they forget their keys or access passes, while delivery drivers will no longer need waste time removing gloves or worry about how they’re going to unlock the door if carrying heavy boxes.

This new system will also allow for a more sanitary touch free method of entry and provides less opportunity for unauthorised entry compared to traditional systems using passwords or swipe cards.

With a recognition speed of 0.2 seconds, the Hikvision MinMoe terminal makes it entry faster and more efficient. Forget fumbling around or having to tip out the contents of your bag in a frantic search for your keys, staff can now walk into workplace with ease.

Equipped with a visible light lens, as well as an infrared lens, the terminal’s dual lens technology increases security by only allowing access when both lenses detect the same person. This prevents entry when photos or videos are used in an attempt to gain fraudulent access and allows the terminal operate in low-light  environments.

Hikvision have also addressed privacy concerns regarding facial recognition technology by ensuring that all user data (e.g. names or images) is secured and encrypted using the international standards for transmission, storage and data export.

While access to the premises using the facial recognition terminal can be quickly and easily registered and remotely controlled, during this installation Glen and Tim installed a back-up exterior HID proximity reader as per their client’s request. This will allow staff who have not yet been registered in the facial recognition system access to the building and will also provide another means of entry for infrequent visitors.

During this installation Glen and Tim also installed several HID proximity readers and Hikvision access control keypads within the interior of the office to create further restricted access to certain areas.

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