Hikvision 6MP Darkfighter CCTV Installation

Hikvision 6MP Darkfighter CCTV Installation


Glenn from Jim’s Security Sydney recently installed a set of Hikvision 6MP Dark Fighter CCTV cameras, complete with a Hikvision embedded NVR, 3TB hard drive and app control.

When running the set of 4 cameras to the Hikvision NVR, Glenn was able to internally conceal all Cat 6 cables, removing the need to run conduit along the outside of the home. This is standard practice, as where possible, all Jim’s Security franchisees will always conceal cabling to maintain the integrity of both the interiors and exteriors of our client’s homes.

After completing the cabling for this job, as per his client’s request, Glen used the newly installed NVR to set the cameras to record 24/7. Although in some cases 24/7 recording may raise storage concerns, the 3TB hard drive included in this package holds enough space for approximately 1, 500 hours of camera footage, easily allowing for continuous recording. Another great feature of this system is the ability to directly upload footage onto the cloud and access it in real-time through Google drive. Not to mention, the app control feature allows for full control of the system when away from home, be it on holidays or simply at work. 

Hikvision’s NVRs also offer a range of smart analytics. When completing this job Glen helped his clients set up push notifications for cross-line detection. This feature senses when somebody or something crosses a pre-set line in a specified direction and removes the likelihood of events solely activated by motion (such as trees blowing around in the wind) triggering false alarms, which can be expensive, time consuming and stressful.

Smart analytics around the home take the functionality of your CCTV system to a whole new level, as they allow users greater control in regards the functionality of their security system. For example, storage-conscious clients can choose to set their NVRs to only record when certain motion is detected and triggers a security event, or those wary of suspicious vehicles may choose to be sent push notifications when a certain car number plate is detected.

Hikvision cameras also offer enhanced night vision through the Darkfighter feature which implements a larger sensor, a larger lens aperture and smart gain control technology to dramatically improve nighttime image performance. Such improvements in hardware and software reduce image noise in low-illumination scenes, keeping file sizes and storage requirements to a minimum and therefore reducing the need for on-going costs. These cameras deliver bright, clear and high-quality colour images around the clock, proving effective video surveillance at all times.

To learn more about the range of cameras we stock here at Jim’s Security have a look at our CCTV and Camera Systems Page.

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