Hikvision 4MP ColorVu vs 8MP AcuSense

Hikvision 4MP ColorVu vs 8MP AcuSense


Which gives a better image at night: Hikvision’s 8MP Acusense Camera or their 4MP ColorVu Turret?

Known for their ‘smart sensing’ technology AcuSense cameras are able to distinguish people and vehicles from other moving objects, such as falling leaves or small animals. While these cameras are well suited to capturing video during day-time, they cannot compete with Hikvision’s 4MP ColorVu turret camera which provides exceptional low-light footage. For instance, the 8MP Acusense turret supports colour recording up to 0.008 Lux, while the ColorVu series supports full colour recording in up to 0.005 lux or 0 lux when using its inbuilt white light.

Images taken at the same time on different sides of the same driveway: comparing 8MP Acusense turret with 4MP ColorVu turret footage

Why is This?

All too often we see customers equating a camera’s number of megapixels to its overall quality.

While high resolution cameras (6-8MP) excel at capturing details such as number plates from long distances, they often have poorer night vision capabilities than their lower resolution counterparts. This is because, a greater number of pixels must be packed into the sensor, meaning pixels and light sensitive elements are smaller, so there is reduced area available to capture light.

Ultimately, a high megapixel camera is generally better at capturing detail during the day, while a lower megapixel camera is more effective at capturing detail at night time.

That being said, the lux level at which colour recording is required largely depends on the unique requirements of an installation and the amount of natural light available.

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