Have Multiple Stores That You Need To Keep An Eye On? The 6MP Dahua Starlight Can Help.

Have Multiple Stores That You Need To Keep An Eye On? The 6MP Dahua Starlight Can Help.


If you are a business owner of several stores or locations, you know just how stressful it can be. The responsibility can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to protecting your business, staff and in some cases customers.

Fortunately, you can protect businesses and staff across multiple sites by installing a security system.

Security systems are a must for all businesses, as they not only deter crimes, such as theft, violence, and vandalism, but can also be used to monitor staff behaviour and movements. In some cases, security cameras can be beneficial in resolving customer disputes, workplace injury claims or internal bullying. However, it must be noted, as a business owner it is your responsibility to notify your employees before installing and activating CCTV cameras in the workplace.

When it comes to selecting and installing a security system for businesses across multiple sites, seeking out a professional opinion and installation is a must.

Whether you require a new system or an upgrade, Jim’s Security are the ones to call, as we are your local experts in commercial security and loss prevention. We provide services to a wide range of customers, from small independent stores through to large corporations and multi-location businesses.

Our Jim’s Security Franchisee from South Morang, Michael, recently installed our top selling Dahua package, of 4 x 6 Dahua Starlight cameras, for the new owners of bakers delight Watergardens Shopping Centre.  As the owner has multiple stores it is not feasible for him to visit each location daily. Instead, with his new security system he can now keep an eye on the baking area, as well staff customer interactions at the shopfront. Thanks to Jim’s Security, he now feels confident that each store has a watchful eye over them.

For help installing a security system to monitor activity across several sites call 131 546 or book here to arrange your free onsite, no obligation quote. To learn more about how Jim’s Security can protect your business, visit our business security pageCCTV systems page and Alarm Systems page.

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