Gyms have a large portion of their business invested in protecting the safety and well-being of their customers. For 24/7 gyms, ease of access is also essential. When customers are accessing the facility during unstaffed hours, late at night or early in the morning, it is crucial that they feel safe and that you are aware of who is on your premises.

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When it comes to gyms, the implementation of a security system provides key benefits to both the owners and staff, as well as members. 

From the harassment of customers by fellow members or trainers and staff, through to physical assault, instances of injury or personal health events – Gyms hold a lot of responsibility to protect both their staff and customers. Theft of patron’s personal belongings from gym lockers, as well as of gym equipment are also common occurrences, making an effective security system vital to a successful business. 

Effective security measures for gyms can involve incorporating access control measures into an integrated security solution designed to not only manage patrons, but also to deter theft, monitor suspicious activity and provide a fast and efficient response in the instance that a member’s physical safety is compromised.

Gym Security Packages

Jim’s Security Technicians will tailor a package, suited to your individual budget and requirements. We can incorporate aspects CCTV video surveillance, alarm response and monitoring packages to provide a fully comprehensive Remote Guard Solution that will:

Our team is also able to assist in installing individual components of a security system such as a set of security cameras or a security alarm. 

Current CCTV Package Offers:

The Jim’s Security team also partners with Jim’s Antennas to provide additional services such as:

Gym Installations We've Done

We’ve completed commercial installations for a number of  gyms and 24 hour fitness centres across Australia.  Here are a few recent examples of our work:

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