Fixing a Nightmare Facebook CCTV Package Installation

Fixing a Nightmare Facebook CCTV Package Installation


Connor from Jim’s Brighton recently attended a service call in Melbourne’s west. The customer had a Dahua CCTV system installed 6 months ago by a company advertising on Facebook for a very low price, however the cameras had failed and the company was not contactable. On further investigation the customer found that the company was not properly registered and using and fake ABN and also not security licensed. 

Once onsite Connor began investigating the customers issues and was able to determine that hardware provided to the customer was actually +5 years old and mostly likely second hand equipment. The cameras had screws missing – while the screws that were left had rusted. The boards inside were dirty and there were scratches all over the camera. They were clearly second hand cameras when installed. Unfortunately for the customer all cameras had failed and needed to be replaced.

If considering using a security installer from Facebook, you  should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will I be getting genuine stock? There is a lot of grey import/counterfeit CCTV products out in the market
  • Is the product the latest model? Jim’s only supply the latest gear for our customers.
  • Does this company hold a master and installer security license? If not, do they have the experience to do the install and are they police checked? All Jim’s Franchisees are licensed, police checked and hold current working with children checks
  • Does this company have any customer reviews? Jim’s has over reviews 3000 across antennas and security
  • What is the warranty, and is the customer confident this will be supported? Jim’s Security provides a  warranty on all products supplied and all work is backed by the Jim’s Work  Guarantee.
  • Is there GST on this quote? Has the company provided a legitimate ABN? 

If choosing, upgrading or installing new security measures it is important to consult with qualified and experienced technicians to get the most out of your system. Home security is an important investment in not only protecting your home, but your own personal safety and well-being.

To seek advice from experts you can trust and ensure your security system is as secure as can, be give us a call on 131 546 or book a free onsite quote.

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