Does Your Home Security Need An Upgrade Or Just The Jim’s Touch? (With The Help Of A Swann CCTV System)

Does Your Home Security Need An Upgrade Or Just The Jim’s Touch? (With The Help Of A Swann CCTV System)


Have you had the same home security system for years? Are you wondering if it’s time for an upgrade? Like most products, home security systems have a lifespan, and after a certain point they need to be upgraded. But how do you know if it is time?

There are a few things to watch out for (excuse the pun).

If your security system is over 10 years old and is starting to ‘misbehave’ it might be time. Or,if you’re after the latest technology in home security systems, you may want to upgrade. That said, in some cases a faulty or ‘misbehaving’  home security system may only need a change in position or repair.

Rodney and his team from Jim’s Security Wyong had a customer who already had a Swann CCTV system in place. Most of the cameras were external and located on a large, outdoor awning covering an entertainment area. The original cabling used was indoor grade and wasn’t concealed in conduit, which left it badly weathered and vulnerable to tampering.

Rodney and his team removed all the existing cabling and relocated the Video Recorder to a new, more practical location inside the house. They ran brand new Cat 6 cabling, completely concealed in external grade conduit, to all cameras around the house right the way through to the cameras. The system will now be operational for many more years to come.

No matter what you need, At Jim’s Security our experts are here to ensure that your house is protected by the best security system.

If you are still unsure if whether you want to upgrade your ‘misbehaving’ security system, consider the importance and functionality of an up-to-date home security system:

  • Deter Thieves, Giving Your Property and Possessions Immediate Protection
  • Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones While at Home
  • Receive Alerts and Notifications if Unauthorised Entry is Detected
  • Remotely Check-up on Your Property or Pets
  • Can be Integrated with Smart Home Features such as Lighting and Smart Door Locks
  • Most Insurance Companies Offer a Discount on Home and Contents Insurance if you have an Alarm System

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