Dahua Smart AI Active Deterrence CCTV Camera: Two-way Talk and IVS Tripwire Explained

Dahua Smart AI Active Deterrence CCTV Camera: Two-way Talk and IVS Tripwire Explained


In today’s day and age, the role of CCTV has progressed far beyond passive recording. Take for example, Dahua’s new AI series NVRs. Boasting several Intelligent Video Surveillance System (IVS) features, CCTV systems of this sort utilise deep learning algorithms, enabling cameras to actively analyse their surroundings and examine past footage in order to better understand the environment they are operating in.

Dahua’s deep learning algorithms also allow for active deterrence when combined with Dahua Smart AI Active Deterrence Cameras. Using heat and movement detection the IVS technology can trigger an automatic spotlight and 105db siren on the camera. In the event that an alarm is triggered, you will also be provided with push notifications, allowing immediate action to prevent unwanted activity

These measures help to keep intruders out by acting proactively to reduce the likelihood of a break-in or damage to property, rather than simply recording the event for evidence as has been commonly done by traditional CCTV systems.

Additional IVS features add supplementary layers to both home and business security, and can provide businesses with customer analytics. 

Currently, Dahua offer 9 IVS features, these include:
  • Face Detection
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Abandoned/Missing Object Detection
  • People Counting
  • Heat Map
  • Auto Tracking
  • Scene Change
  • ePTZ (electronic pan-tilt-zoom)
  • Tripwire

In this article, we will be looking at Dahua’s ‘TripwireIVS feature, and the two-way talk function included in some of their AI cameras.

Dahua’s Tripwire feature allows end-users to set an automated tripwire. Once a target passes through this ‘invisible’ warning line in a set movement direction, an alarm will be triggered and an automated audio response will be activated.

This is an effective way of monitoring and protecting a localised area on your private property, such as an entry way, compared to the traditional method of motion detection. This feature is suitable for large warehouses, retail stores and even homes.

On the other hand, Dahua’s two-way talk function acts as both a deterrent, and a traditional intercom system. Enabling listeners to listen to, and talk back to a person at the camera.

For instance, you could use two-way talk to instruct a delivery-man where to leave a parcel, or even use this feature to scare off potential intruders by letting them know that they are being recorded and that you are contacting the police. 

Check out the video below to see a demonstration of the Tripwire and two-way talk feature on a Dahua Smart AI Active Deterrence CCTV Camera:
This video demonstrates the spotlight and siren feature:

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