Dahua Active Deterrence Cameras Domestic Installation

Dahua Active Deterrence Cameras Domestic Installation


Connor from Jim’s Security Brighton East recently installed two Dahua Active Deterrence Cameras for a home in Brighton.

Dahua’s Active Deterrence Cameras use heat and movement detection to trigger an automatic spotlight and 105db siren on the camera if suspicious activity is detected. Not only does this feature reduce false alarms, but also deters potential criminal activity.

The cameras’ siren and blue and red flashing lights also act as a proactive defence measure. Active deterrence is much more effective than passive ‘protection’. These are cameras with limited features, that are only able to record an event for evidence.

While completing this install, Connor taught his client how use their new cameras’ trip-wire and two talk functions. While the trip-wire feature is an effective way of securing localised areas on a property, such as an entry way, the two-talk feature acts as both a deterrent and traditional intercom system.

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