Comprehensive Security Solution for Commercial Warehouse

Comprehensive Security Solution for Commercial Warehouse


Kosta and Josh from Jim’s Security Sydney recently installed a comprehensive security solution for a commercial warehouse in Brookvale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Being a relatively new business, the objective of the installation was to minimise the risk of loss through theft and property damage whilst also ensuring staff safety in the most cost-effective way possible.

Firstly, the client identified her four primary concerns.

  1.   In having large quantities of stock stored in her warehouse, a break-in would be extremely detrimental to her business. Risk is heightened as her warehouse is located in a predominately industrial area. 
  2.  Monitoring the safety and procedures of her 10-15 Staff member
  3.  As the client has her own clients often coming to site, she wants to eliminate risk of any graffiti or other property damage
  4.  Monitoring stock movement through incoming/outgoing deliveries

After careful planning with the client, it was recommended she run with an integrated security solution. Once the most strategic camera locations were determined, an Uniview Starlight System was installed for constant surveillance of the site. These super high-definition cameras provide great picture quality day & night and simple remote viewing for management, all while being extremely cost effective. Having CCTV Surveillance in operation has proven effective in reducing OH&S risk, deterring vandalism on the exterior of the building and management of incoming/outgoing deliveries.

The CCTV system was also paired with an intruder alarm system configured with professional back-to-base monitoring. All entry points to the building have been protected by reed switches, with PIR motion detectors and glass break detectors constantly monitoring the warehouse floor. In the event an alarm is activated, management will be contacted via push notification, email and phone call from the monitoring centre to allow for rapid response. In using the SmartLink+ platform, management is also able to allocate individual codes to staff members, allowing them to monitor staff comings and goings, whilst also being able to arm/disarm the system remotely via their phones.

If you need help designing an affordable and effective solution for your business, the team at Jim’s Security is here to help. Give us a call on 131 546 or book a free onsite quote.

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