Common Mistakes and Pitfalls with DIY Security, CCTV and Camera Systems

Common Mistakes and Pitfalls with DIY Security, CCTV and Camera Systems


When looking at security solutions for your home or business you may have been tempted by online offerings or products available in your local hardware appliance store. Whilst there will always be a market for DIY security products and security camera systems make sure you consider the following before you make your purchase decision:

Is the hardware professional grade security hardware?

In most cases the answer to this question will be No. Professional grade security alarm and CCTV brands such as Bosch, DSC, Dahua, Hikvision and the Swann Professional series do not sell through retail channels as they need to be installed by a trained professional. If you select hardware that is not professional grade beware of the following:

  • Battery operated CCTV and Security Cameras – With current technologies battery powered security cameras and CCTV is not an adequate solution. At best you will get a couple of months of power with minimal recording before the batteries fail. In most cases users will give up on replacing batteries which renders the system useless.
  • Analogue CCTV – Most security camera systems offered by retailers are analogue/DVR based. Analogue/DVR is an older technology and therefore cheaper and lacks the features and image quality if the digital IP systems.
  • Warranty – How long is the warranty period? Jim’s offers a 3 year warranty period on all of our CCTV Systems and security cameras whereas most retail packages only offer the statutory 12 months. Warranty is especially important when you are installing security cameras that are exposed to the elements.
  • Poor range of wireless sensors – The wireless detection devices included in our Security Alarm kits are professional-grade and operate on the 433Mhz spectrum as required by ACMA to ensure do not interfere with other wireless devices in the home.
  • False readings on sensors – Are the PIR sensors included in your security alarm package pet friendly? Our professional grade sensors can be configured to ensure no false readings from pets.

Will it be installed correctly?

A professional installer will always also draw on their experience to ensure the correct placement of security cameras and security detection devices to ensure capture all security events. They are also very experienced with cabling to ensure a clean finish and concealed cables with your security installation.

Will you know how to use the system?

Security alarms and CCTV systems are complex technology and the average person will require assistance to get the most out of these systems. A trained security professional will not only install the system but provide adequate training for you and other family members before they leave the site.

Did you actually save money by purchasing DIY hardware?

Possibly the most important point. If you buy a security alarm of a security camera system from a retailer you will be paying an inflated retail price for consumer grade technology. Generally, this price is not too far off the price we pay for professional grade security Systems with all of the benefits noted above. We receive dozens of calls each week from a customer that have purchased their own system but need help with installation. Whilst we are always happy to assist we will always recommend these customers return these DIY systems if possible. The net result of paying for professional installation on a DIY system will be very similar to the price points in our packages below.

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