CCTV Security Installation for a Contemporary Home

CCTV Security Installation for a Contemporary Home


When securing your home, it’s important to choose a security system that is best suited to you and your property. On a recent job in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, Shaun from Jim’s Security Diamond Creek designed and installed a solution for a customer with a large contemporary style home.

The solution provided by Shaun included a 6 camera Dahua CCTV System and a Bosch alarm. In addition, Shaun installed 2 data points in the customer’s home to fix issues with WIFI connectivity.

CCTV Camera System Installation


When Shaun was initially called out to Doncaster to do a free quote the first thing he noticed was the size and structure of the home. Due to its considerable size, Shaun recommended a 6 camera Dahua system.

This system not only suited the structure of the customer’s house, but also has a range of features, which were able to address this customer’ specific concerns. For example, the 6MP IP Camera’s included in this CCTV system have excellent infrared night vision and are well suited to monitoring the surroundings of the home at night time

While selecting the perfect camera system for this family was easy, the install was definitely not! As the home was a large modern house, not constructed using eaves, and rendered with a flat roof. Shaun was required to install the camera system using conduit. As this is not common practice, it was lucky that Shaun is experienced in these types of tricky installations, completing the job to a high standard!

Not only did the install go smoothly, but Shaun was also able to ensure that the security cameras were placed discretely to fit in with the character of the home. He made sure that the cabling was less visible by running it along the back side of the drain pipes, and covering it with conduit which matched the colour of the house’s exterior.


Alarm System


And it doesn’t end there. The family was also after an alarm system, to which Shaun recommended the Bosch 3000 with an IP module. As this young family is often away at their beach house over the summer holidays and during weekends, Shaun recommended this system to allow them to monitor their home while on holiday!

The Bosch 3000 system comes with a free app, that provides home owners with notifications if an alarm inside the home is triggered. Additionally, this alarm can also be set to create a ‘ring of protection’ when at home, by monitoring windows and doors, allowing this family to move freely around their home while feeling more safe and secure.

Installing WiFi access points  


Separate to the security installation, the customer also had an issue with Wifi connectivity in the home. Shaun recommended that 2 access points be installed with a WiFi range extender to improve reception, due to the considerable size of the home. When installing the data points, he installed one on each storey of the home to ensure that strong WiFi reception is available throughout the entirety of house.

If you’re unsure about what security system would best suit your home, or simply need assistance installing your own system – we’re just a call away! Contact us on 131 546 or book a free onsite quote.

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