Building a house? Here’s your guide on when to call Jim’s Security

Building a house? Here’s your guide on when to call Jim’s Security


Installing a security solution is an important part of ensuring the protection of your new home. The ideal time to install these systems is during the construction or remodeling phase of your house, typically allowing for pre-wire during the rough-in stage, with fit off to be completed once the house is ready. A security solution installed by Jim’s Security will often save you hundreds of dollars when compared to builder issued systems.

Here’s a general guideline for when to consider CCTV, Alarm, Intercom and Access Control systems as part of your build or renovation project.

  • After Framing: Once the basic structure of the house is in place, including the walls, roof, and windows, you should start thinking about a plan for your security systems. This is because the wiring for these systems often needs to be run through walls and ceilings, and it’s more efficient to do this before the walls are closed up.
  • Before Wall Finishing: Now is the time to run the required cabling and wiring for your CCTV cameras, alarm sensors or intercom. This is a good time to consult Jim’s Security to create a cabling plan and, if your builder permits, allow us on site to complete the pre-cable to the desired locations for cameras and sensors.  Often builders will not allow any trades on-site, so pre-cabling may be completed by your nominated electrician – so have a speak with your builder first. 
  • Coordination with Electrical Wiring: Coordinate with the installation of electrical wiring. CCTV systems often require power, so you may need to work with an electrician to ensure that the necessary power outlets are installed in the right locations for your cameras and other equipment.
  • When the site is nearing completion: The actual installation of the CCTV cameras, alarm sensors, control panels, and other components can be done at this stage. This includes mounting cameras in strategic locations, installing motion sensors, and connecting all the components to the central monitoring system.

By consulting with Jim’s Security once the framing has been completed, you will have the guidance and expertise to ensure you’re getting the best quality solution to suit your needs. 

If it’s too late to pre-cable, retrofitting security systems into an existing structure can always be done. The installation may be more challenging and may require additional work to conceal wiring and make the installation aesthetically pleasing, but your local Jim’s Security expert will make it work!

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