Bosch Solution 3000 Quick User Guide

Bosch Solution 3000 Quick User Guide


This Bosch Solution 3000 Quick User Guide is intend to provide customers with a basic understanding of the core features of their alarm system.


This guide will explain:

  • Display icon meanings
  • Arming and disarming your alarm
  • Changing the master code
  • Programming the date and time. 

 Display Icons and Meanings

 How to Arm 

  • To arm the whole alarm enter your 4 digit code then press the [#AWAY] button
  • To arm in stay mode (arm only part of the house or office) enter your 4 digit code then the [*STAY] button (Only zones discussed with your installer at time of installation will be armed in this mode)

 How to Disarm 

  • Enter your 4 digit code then press the [#AWAY] button

 How to Change Codes 

Only the ‘master code’ can be used to add, change or delete codes. If you only have 1 code, typically this will be the ‘master code’.

  1. Enter your master code then press [1] and [#AWAY] for example [2] [5] [8] [0] [1] [#AWAY]
  2. Enter the user number (1-32) your wish to change then press [#AWAY] for example, the master code is user number 1, to change the master code enter [1] [#AWAY]
  3. Enter the new code for the user then press [#AWAY] for example [5] [6] [7] [8] [#AWAY]

Repeat steps 1-3 above to add any additional codes.

Note: For security reasons, avoid any easy to guess codes, i.e. 1234, your postcode, street address, birth year etc.

 Date and Time 

Programming the date and time is only required when you need functions such as automatic test reports, automatic arming, and history events to operate correctly. 

How to Program Date and Time 

  1. Enter your Master Code, followed by [6] and the [#] key (for example, [25806#]). Three beeps sound, and the STAY and AWAY indicators flash.
  2. Enter the day, month, year, hour, and minute(DD, MM, YY, HH, MM format) (for example, DD = day of the month, MM = month of the year, YY = current year, HH = hour of the day, MM = minute of the day). To program the hour of the day, use the 24:00 hour format.
  3. Press the [#] button to exit and return to the disarmed state. Two beeps sound, and the STAY and AWAY indicators turn off. If a long beep sounds, an error was made when entering the date and time.

If you require further assistance setting up or installing your Bosch Solution 3000 give us a call on 131 546, or book a free onsite no obligation quote online.

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