Analogue CCTV Upgraded to IP Over Coax Cable

Analogue CCTV Upgraded to IP Over Coax Cable


In the past decade, many have upgraded their traditional Analog security systems to IP security systems. As compared to their analogue counterparts, IP cameras offer better video quality, advanced analytics and more flexibility in installing, operating and maintaining a CCTV system.

However, a major hurdle preventing many from upgrading their old security system is that IP cameras use Cat5e cabling, rather than coax cables (which are used for analog). This is often an issue for budget conscious customers, as replacing cabling can be expensive in labor and material costs. Upgrading a system can also be difficult or seemingly unfeasible for those who have homes with limited to no roof space.

If worried about upgrading, don’t fear, we’ll let you in on a well-kept secret: there are actually a number of great solutions which allow IP video signals to be transmitted over pre-existing coaxial cable, making upgrading your old analogue system easy and cost effective.

Louie from Jim’s Security Werribee recently helped a customer who wanted to replace their old analog cameras installed with RG59 Combo Cable, with IP cameras. However, as their property had flat tin roof without access space, they previously thought that this would not be possible. However, Louie was quickly able to overcome this issue by fitting IP over coax adaptors. This saved his client both labor and material costs as the adaptors allowed Louie to use the pre-exisiting coax cables.

That being said, if budget is not an issue or cabling is easy to replace, then you should consider upgrading your analogue system to an IP based CCTV system. This will allow you to integrate your security system with other IP based devices and will give you access to more sophisticated analytics.

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