4MP PTZ with Auto-Tracking Security Camera Installation

4MP PTZ with Auto-Tracking Security Camera Installation


Louie from Jim’s Security Werribee recently installed a Dome PTZ camera for a domestic client.

PTZ is an abbreviation for pan-tilt-zoom, which describes both the remote directional (pan and tilt) and zoom control that this camera is cable of.

In this installation scenario a LTS 4MP Infrared Speed Dome was installed to provide a wider (and adjustable) view of the entrance of the property.


When remotely instructed (using either a smart phone app or a manual control) the camera is able to adjust its varifocal lens (by panning, tilting or zooming) to view a certain area.

The camera Louie installed for his client also includes auto tracking technology, which is used to detect the movement of both vehicles and people.

This CCTV system can be calibrated so that if there is movement in a specific area, at a specific time (for example, a person approaching the front door of the home between 1am and 5am)  the camera will automatically stop and focus in that area and an alarm will sound.

Thanks to Louie’s hard work this client now feels safer and more secure in their home and can easily monitor their CCTV system when at work or on holiday.

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