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Security systems are a safe and valuable addition to your home if you remember to set it. With so many comings and goings and a long to-do list, you might not have remembered to arm your security when you left the house, or perhaps, reminding your teen continuously all morning didn’t help them remember to set the alarm before they left the house for the day.

With Jim’s Smart Security, you can control your security system from your internal touch screen or log in remotely using your smartphone app. See the real-time status of the system, arm or disarm remotely as needed and select to view individual zones. You can also set your device to receive notifications and alerts for security warnings, no matter where you are.

Quickly find out by email, text or push notifications if your alarm is set off, or has been activated or deactivated, letting you know when you need to take action or when family members are home.

Automating your home or business is now cost-efficient and can be achieved with very little installation. Jim’s Home Automation allows you to control and check the status of thermostats, lights, locks, garage doors, smart appliances and other devices all from your internal smart security touchscreen or remotely using your cloud-connected mobile app.

With the Smart Home Security System, you can have built-in automation where pre-programmed recipes teach your system how to respond to certain situations. This means devices, notifications, or recordings can be triggered when specific events occur. “If this happens, then do that” automation allows you to achieve home comforts before you or your family members get in, from setting internal heating and cooling to respond to extreme weather, to switching entry lights on at a particular time, to preheating the oven and even for smart meters on Solar panels to start the ready dishwasher or washing machine during best output times.

The smart security packages include one-entry detection switch, two-motion detection switches with an option to include a camera, mobile app, a touchscreen panel with voice notifications, home automation, supports for amazon echo, alarm monitoring from our 24-hour Australian-based center, cloud backup storage and professional installation and warranties.

Every purchase comes with current generation touchscreen control panels that are easy to use and can also be automatically updated over the air to future-proof your system.

You can also incorporate any existing alarms or CCTV systems, add-on video monitoring with cameras recording continuously to your device and cloud backup storage. You can choose to update to cameras with pan, tilt and two-way audio for added flexibility and security response options.

Give Daniel a call about upgrading your home to state-of-the-art technology and security and see where being smart can take you.

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