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Because Jim’s Security provides and installs security alarms and CCTV systems, it will only make sense that we also offer 24/7 professional monitoring service for these services. What people don’t realize is that your alarm monitoring service can reach far beyond just your home or business security. Fire alarms, smoke detection, glass breakage, and other peripheral alarms also come into your monitoring coverage together with alerts for plant and equipment use, personal alarms and medical alarms. The coverage is wide, making the scope flexible and practical for your needs, no matter what they are.

All of that adds up to ready support from trusted professionals who have the training and experience to get help to you swiftly, no matter where you or your property may be in the Adelaide region.

On account of making Jim’s Security services available to everyone, we have put together base packages for all our available systems. Most of these include free self-monitoring for your security through provided apps, back-up storage, and real-time notifications.

If you don’t have Jim’s security monitoring in place, we always recommend getting professional help from the police, fire workers, or security officers if you ever get an alert for unauthorized entry.

While a break-in isn’t likely, especially with security systems in place to ward off criminals, you still need to be ready with an action plan, just in case. Fast response times and clear-headed movements are essential to get positive outcomes, yet most people don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to handling potentially dangerous situations, hindering their reaction time and making it difficult to respond most effectively. In hindsight, the cause of action can often seem clear, at the moment though, the situation plays out very differently.

That’s why we have our trained professionals here in Australia to back you up and do the thinking and reacting for you. We respond in seconds to cover your home, assets, family, business, and health the moment alerts come through and send support immediately if required. Our Australian center is regularly audited by the Australian Security Industry Association (ASIAL) to ensure safe practice and protocols and we are certified to the highest Australian Standards.

For maximum security coverage and to give yourself total peace of mind, Jim’s Security professional 24/7 monitoring services are the most reliable and efficient option for your home or business to protect your family and assets, no matter the threat.

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