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When it comes to moving with the times, upgrading your entry system away from the standard lock and key is probably one of the biggest ways you can improve your security and modernize your premises.

Perfect for both home and business, intercom systems allow you to admit guests remotely or with your in-house touch screen. Easily access your premises with keyless entry and screen your entry visitors no matter how busy things get or where you are in your home or out around Adelaide.

The one-time purchase and installation costs mean you can say goodbye to emergency locksmiths, additional rummaging around for your keys when you have your hands full, and rain is pouring.

Guests arriving when you are at work? Rather than stash a key in your letterbox, simply answer the door from your mobile app and let them in. It’s especially handy when you are expecting deliveries or scheduled maintenance work and you don’t want to wait around all day for them to arrive.

Jim’s Security package gives you more than just a modern intercom system and convenient control, you also get the security of video feed from your HD camera, motion detection sensors, door control as well as a stainless steel finish on your intercom unit for durability in harsh weather.

Now’s the time to replace your battery-operated doorbell with a quality, reliable hardwired intercom system that gives you more ability to screen and control your entry areas.

An IP-based video intercom is our top selling system. We recommend an IP-based system whenever there is a budget and cabling access allows because of its superior quality and the ability to integrate it into existing IP CCTV. It’s just another way you can future-proof your installation.

For properties that are currently fitted with analog intercom, upgrading to IP features is easy with Jim’s Security, as we can use the existing wiring, saving you on installation time and costs. If you currently have or are considering CCTV installation then the two systems can be easily integrated to give you direct continuous feed and storage of video footage from your intercom camera.

Perfect for both homes and offices, keyless entry and intercom security can protect your valuable possessions and data, even if staff or workers have access to other areas of the building.

Jim’s keyless access control provides you with a higher level of security for your property access points. The ability to identify people and vehicles before you open the door gives you a highly efficient, easy to manage and safe site, just like having your own entry guard.

Ask for a quote and get the details of how easy and effective intercom and keyless entry are. Your Adelaide franchisee, Daniel will be happy to give you a qualified team member that will discuss the advantages so you can get to the next level in security and convenience.

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