CCTV Security System Upgrade for a Service Station

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Prabhu from Jim’s Security Carrum Downs recently upgraded the security system of a Mornington Peninsula service station. When completing this job Prabhu replaced the station’s out-dated coaxial CCTV system with a brand new state of the art Dahua IP CCTV camera system.

A core component of this system is the service station’s new 16 channel Dahua NVR, which can receive footage from up 16 cameras. The advantage of this is that it allows the station to employ an expansive network of cameras without compromising the viewing convenience (i.e. having to review camera footage on more than one recorder).

Prabhu also installed several bullet type cameras outside the service station and turret cameras inside the shop area. The rationale behind placing the bullet cameras on exterior of the station is that they are intended to act as a visual deterrent and have a longer range than other camera types. On the other hand, turret cameras were placed on the interior of the store as they are able to capture footage from multiple directions (unlike bullet cameras).

A motorised PTZ camera with 30x zoom was also placed on the station’s canopy. This camera automatically adjusts the camera’s  focal length or ‘zoom’ while maintaining clear and auto-focused footage. The PTZ stands for ‘pan, tilt, zoom’ which reflects the movement options offered.

A motorised PTZ camera is highly suitable from a business perspective as it offers a flexibility in adjusting the camera angle and view, and can be controlled remotely, or set to adjust itself automatically. Lastly, it is not only able to capture a wide angle view of a business’ surroundings, but vital details such as number plates and facial features.

Although rewarding, Prabhu notes that in terms of cabling this was one of the most challenging tasks he’s encountered yet. While he was able to install new Cat6 cabling to connect the IP cameras, the roof space was tight. So tight, in fact, that there was no option to stand! The whole installation was achieved by using a series of conduits to connect the far end of the station to the front entrance.

Proving to be even trickier, Prabhu was unable to replace some of the existing coaxial cable with new Cat6 cable when installing the Motorised PTZ camera. However, he was able to quickly overcome this speed bump by using the existing coaxial and power supply with the help of ethernet over coaxial cable converters, also known as baluns, to get the cameras up and running.

In the end Prabhu says that “it was a good experience”, and he is glad to have helped yet another happy customer.

If you’re looking for a security system tailored to your business, here at Jim’s Security we’ve got you covered. Contact us on 131 546 or book a  free onsite quote.

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